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Peng Wang’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic to Fight the Virus in Singapore.

The Singapore government has put in new circuit breaker measures on Friday, 3rd April, to fight the Covid-19 virus. We wanted to show our support for fellow Singaporeans in these times too.

Peng Wang Covid-19 Support
Peng Wang Covid-19 Support

In the midst of increasing unemployment and business uncertainty, we are grateful and fortunate to still be able to supply food to local supermarkets and food retailers. To support Singapore families that are trying to make ends meet during these times, we will be offering our Fish Balls (200gm), Saito Fish Cakes, White Fish Cakes, and Rectangle Fish Cakes at less than $1 at all major supermarkets, wet markets and minimarts. In addition, we will be having promotions on our Cheese Toufu, Toufu Fish Cakes, Shiitake Balls, and Fish Balls (450gm) too.

We understand that the following months will be a challenging time for many individuals as fellow Singaporeans grapple with uncertainty in the virus climate. Due to this uncertainty, we have noticed that several manufacturers have tried to be opportunistic and raise prices and take increased profit from consumers.

In the light of this, we wanted to show our support, instead, to fellow Singaporeans who have supported us in the past 47 years since we started Peng Wang. Thank you for being there with us since the 1970s. We would not be where we are today without all of you.

Furthermore, we wanted to assure everyone that we have more than enough supply for the months to come. We prepare our fish products fresh daily, and deliver them to all major supermarkets and major retailers daily. The integrity of our supply chain has been robust and will continue to function smoothly as our government has consistently assured during their press conferences. There is no need to rush to supermarkets to stock up. If you are keen to make bulk purchases, please feel free to contact us directly so that we can ensure that there are adequate supplies at all major supermarkets accessible to our more vulnerable groups in Singapore.

Lastly, we want to thank all our healthcare workers who are on the frontline fighting the virus now.

We hope to continue serving your surimi-based products and fish ball needs in the future. Stay safe and be healthy.

P.S. Remember to collect your reusable masks from 5 April (Sunday) to 12 April 2020 (Sunday). To find out more, go to www.maskgowhere.sg.










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